18 juillet 2010

Format, Writing Style, and Grammar

Participants were asked to share potential solutions for successful application of APA style. Elsa Peretti Starfish earrings-one percent of the participants responded. Of these, 21% of the comments were from the Community College group, 20% from the baccalaureate group, 18% from the baccalaureate and master's group, and 12% from the baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral group. This response rate group percentage is comparable with the breakdown of the entire sample by academic affiliation (Table 1). The participants provided a broad range of comments that resulted in identification of the four categories: consistency (39%), education (29%), resources (24%), and dialogue (8%).

Consistency. The consistency theme was the most prevalent of all comments. This included consistency regarding feedback, requirements, grading, and expectations throughout all aspects of the curriculum. Most participants seemed to identify that faculty need to be better versed in APA style: "Consistent [sic] CORRECT usage of APA by faculty and accurate feedback to students." In addition, consistency with grading was frequently noted, with several participants having reported that there are wide differences on evaluation strategies, ranging from few deductions for errors to major deductions for minor errors.

Education. Providing education was frequently reported as a potential solution to successful application of APA style. The participants noted that faculty needed "better understanding" and to maintain currency with each new edition of the manual. Tiffany Signature ring included in-service and mandatory workshops for both faculty and students. Several suggested an orientation for new faculty and that a frequent or annual review for students and faculty would be of benefit.

Resources. Many resources were suggested by the participants, including three primary suggestions. First, faculty and students should purchase the most recent edition of the Publication Manual. Second, guidelines and handouts that specify department or campus requirements should be provided. Third, participants recommended use of tutors and tutorials for students. Several participants also posited that a required tutorial would also be beneficial in plagiarism prevention: "Creation of an online tutorial that is interactive and has examples of paraphrasing will help prevent plagiarism." One participant reported that "use of a big brother or big sister" had been helpful in their school.

Dialogue. Educators that participated in this research agreed that increased communication among faculty is needed. One participant noted "a consensus of importance" as essential, and other participants identified the need for faculty to come together and discuss concerns and to strategize approaches for Tiffany Circle clasp necklace of APA style as a "faculty group." There were several comments about administration support, stating there needed to be more direction from administration and discussion at faculty meetings. Co-grading papers and peer review as a springboard for discussion was also recommended. Many comments suggested that APA style be taught in English courses and used consistently across the campus. One participant stated: "I believe that nursing needs to work more closely with the English department to reinforce and support use of APA style." Several reported that the English departments at their respective schools used MLA style and that nursing should require a technical writing course instead of a creative writing course.



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