18 juillet 2010

Departmental and Personal Concerns

Using a Likert scale ranging from 1 (not important) to 5 (very important), participants were asked to rate their Tiffany Cushion Hoop earrings and personal concerns of APA style as an issue. Of the participants, 60% reported this issue as moderately important to very important for their department (mean = 2.91, SD = 1.19), and 67% rated this as a moderate to very important personal concern (mean = 3.20, SD = 1.28). Using a similar Likert scale, participants were also asked to rate grading and feedback consistency among their faculty colleagues and to note their comfort level in advising colleagues who may have misadvised a student in APA style. Fifty-five percent rated their faculty colleagues as somewhat inconsistent to moderately inconsistent in APA style grading and feedback (mean = 2.43, SD = 1.07). However, 63% reported feeling moderately comfortable in counseling a colleague who may have misadvised a student in APA style (mean = 3.05, SD = 1.28).

Additional analysis was conducted to determine differences by academic affiliation. As shown in Table 2, APA style as a departmental concern was rated moderately important by all groups except for the community college group, with 63% having rated this as not important to somewhat important. In contrast, all groups noted that APA style is of moderate importance as a personal concern. All groups reported that their faculty colleagues are somewhat inconsistent to Elsa Peretti Open Heart charm consistent in APA style grading and feedback. However, they are comfortable in counseling a colleague who may have misadvised a student, except for the community college group, with 42% having noted they are uncomfortable to somewhat uncomfortable.

Faculty Grading Practices

When asked what percentage of weight is assigned to academic papers, overall the participants reported an average of 10.8% (SD = 12.5%) on undergraduate papers and 12.3% (SD = 14.8%) on graduate papers. This trend is similar regarding estimated percentage of the comments provided on academic Elsa Peretti Starfish necklace. Participants noted a higher amount for undergraduate (22.1%, SD = 25%) compared with graduate (10.7%, SD = 18.3%) papers. Analysis by academic affiliation, as displayed in Table 3, found results were comparable, except for the percentage of comments reported by the two groups with graduate programs. These participants estimated that 17% of their comments are related to APA style.

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