18 juillet 2010


The literature is abundant with articles supporting the importance of students' Tiffany Notes cuff of academic writing skills across disciplines. Most articles focus on the pedagogical movement of 20 years ago, called Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), which began in response to the general consensus that writing instruction should be conducted across the academic community (National Commission on Writing in America's Schools and Colleges, 2003; National Writing Project & Nagin, 2006). A search for literature aimed at application of APA style and academic writing revealed a limited number of studies that focus mostly on interventions aimed at improving writing and understanding of APA style. For example, two articles presented unique methods to improve APA style for psychology students. In the first article, Goddard (2003) reported significant improvement on grammar and APA style assessments for students who completed a 3-credit course designed to improve their writing skills. In the second article, Smith and Eggleston (2001) similarly reported positive perceptions and improvement in knowledge of APA style following participation in a teaching activity designed to enhance students' understanding of the Publication Manual and style by reading a poorly written paper and identifying as many style errors as possible.

In nursing, Hanson Diehl (2007) reported that in 5 years of data collection from graduate students, fears about writing include being unfamiliar with nursing literature, struggling with what to say and "putting a paper" together using APA format (p. 202). The author noted that students' writing agility and faculty satisfaction were improved following implementation of an Paloma Picasso Loving Heart earrings writing intervention that dedicated three classes in the beginning graduate course.

To mentor minority and disadvantaged undergraduate nursing students' technical writing skills, Johnson, Symes, Bernard, Landson, and Carroll (2007) tested a technical writing workshop developed by an interprofessional team of nursing and technical writing faculty in the Consortium for Advancing Nursing Diversity and Opportunities (CANDO). The workshop included an activity to help students differentiate between Modern Language Association (MLA) style, commonly taught in freshman composition courses, and APA style. The evaluation of the workshop was favorable with faculty strongly "in favor of continuing the writing skills tutorials" (Johnson et al., 2007, p. 171).

In addition to intervention studies that included an APA style Tiffany Metropolis Cuff links, several authors wrote brief articles providing quick APA style tips (Cuddy, 2002; Damrosch & Damrosch, 1996; McGuire, Gerber, & Currin, 2001). However, the literature review did not reveal any research aimed at evaluation of faculty application of APA style.



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